When a guy who’s never bottomed thinks all bottoms do to get ready is just take a shower.



Only inexperienced and dirty bottoms just shower to get ready to get fucked. Unless they do the “starvation method”, that’s the only time just showering is acceptable. 

Bottom go through mad shit [pun intended] to get ready to be fucked. 

Verses have it even harder because sometimes we have to get ready to bottom and we don’t even bottom -__- You do not know how annoying it is to prepare for something and it not happen. It’s like ready dressed for the club and your friends all cancel on you after you’re ready. 

A clean bottom will douche and shower and scrub the fuck out of their asshole. Some shave them, some wax them, some leave them hairy but just know hair retains scents so even if you clean really really good, it CAN smell musky. But nonetheless, it is a fucking process. 

Enemas (butt douches) are not fun, I do not enjoy doing them. I like the fact that my ass is odee clean but that’s about it. It feels weird as fuck to shit water. It feels like you’re peeing out of your ass. 

And then sometimes you have to do more then one. And you have to make sure you got it all out or that shitty water will come out when he’s fucking you (I do not speak from personal experience but I’ve heard a lot of stories lmfao) 

It is a lot of work, and then after all of that is said and done. They have to sit there and take your dick up their ass whether it big or small and act like that shit is great, and suck smelly dicks, and basically do all the major work. The top is just fucking, that’s tiring but to be honest, I’d rather top any day over bottoming. It’s less work altogether. 

And as a full verse (not a verse-top or a verse-bottom but a complete versatile), I can honestly say I’ve experienced more sloppy tops than I have sloppy bottoms. Some of these tops think they don’t have to shower and will just show up at your place like “wtf do you know what I just went through to get clean for you and you didn’t have the decency to clean yourself for me!?” 

This is why I think every guy should bottom at least twice. Because you can’t say you’re a good top if you don’t know what a fucking good top is. 


What to do if you wanna know if someone on Tumblr is gay or not


  1. Ask him
  2. If 1 fails or you’re too pussy to do it, go look at his tumblr likes. Go to “" Most people (unless you’ve been on Tumblr for a long time) are unaware that you can actually see other people’s likes.  That way if he liked any gay porn or naked guys or anything gay, it will be shown. Fear not thought closet gays, you can block people from seeing your likes too. I just refuse to help you do so *flips hair* 
  3. If 2 fails, Go up to him, pull his pants down and suck his dick. If he stops you, he’s dumb. If he cums and then tells you he’s straight. You give really bad head. But overall this should work. And you should end up with a new fuck buddy :)
  4. If 1,2, and 3 fail, give up he probably straight.